Dex — my best contacts managing CRM

I needed a tool to help me manage 2000 of my contacts in order to do the following:

  • get all my contacts in one place
  • remind me about meaningful dates for my acquaintances for making some small but valuable gifts. To become the deepest person in their life ever. Not because I’m so sweet. In this case, I can do gifts once a year and get a best friend who will be willing to help me with any task that I need in the future
  • tagging to quickly find a community of people I already know to address my current needs.

What did I found in :

I could integrate contacts with all my core social networks

Both social networks were assigned to the contact automatically. Position, description and first 2 tags too. The rest I added manually

Adding a contact manually enables us to set the frequency of tapping. This is essential when we are building long-term relationships with potential partners, etc.

In history, it is possible to take notes from conversations. Further on, If the tag found a group that hasn’t been in touch with for a long time — it is really easy to remember about what we were talking about and how to start our current issue

Quickly set the frequency of tapping, information about the last interaction, go to the contact card

It is possible to choose the frequency with which you receive recommendations on how to use the system. This is really cool. If I could learn how other users use the system and improve my contact management

Once the extension is installed in Сhrome, now let us add contacts from core social networks that do not yet exist in

Now even tries to add me to my contact list 🤪

What does need to work on:

  • Only 239 of my 700+ contacts on LinkedIn were imported. Let’s get to the bottom of this. I really hope it’s fixable. (I got better with Facebook. Imported 1440 out of 1683 contacts)

On Saturday 1 a.m., I was answered by the founder and Kevin told me that it is possible to click the import button again to load more contacts. They also take care of duplicates. As I remember it was a big problem for AmoCRM to do it for their system.

All my LinkedIn contacts were downloaded upon re-import. But nothing has changed from Facebook

But it’ s not all the guys have. See what else comes up in January

What more do I need, but I didn’t see in :

  • LinkedIn automatization
  • Sharing my contacts list with my best friends
  • Contacts recommendation

(I realize that this can be solved with some other tools. I just share ideas about what I would like to use actively)

LinkedIn automatization. Add all requests on LinkedIn automatically. Send them a welcome template. It includes important questions for me. How did you found me. What made you think you needed contact like me. What’s your favorite topic that I can address you on.

Delete automatically from contacts anyone who has not responded within a week.

The ones I liked by the answers are added automatically to the . While adding a contact, offer me a list of tags based on our conversation.

Sharing contacts. If I trust any of my people, I want to give them access to my contacts. So that while using tags, he can also see the people from my contacts list. Pasha tells a great model of communication circles. And he has awesome ideas about how to integrate this model into the current function. I can’t disclose them until he’s given his approval.

There need to be access levels in sharing.

Contacts recommendation. Sometimes we have a long-term goal. As an example, we need to look at the projects we want to switch in. I’ d like to adjust the action to the tags. For instance, I am interested in thought recognition of text. should recommend I explore one from me and my friend's contacts list who are related to it.

How come it’s important to do this instead of just looking at LinkedIn filters:

  • We are forgetting to do it in the flow. I want just a recommendation to go to explore a helpful person in the middle of Saturday, for instance. When I most likely will follow the links and read what he does.
  • If we’ ve already had a mutual acquaintance, we don’t have to think a lot about the message
  • Also, one great idea of how to make them quick respond. But this is not my idea. Let me crack it up later.

A little bit about the team

I’ m just gonna show you which email Kevin sends to the client after registration. That’ s the most wonderful thing I’ve ever seen in a welcome email. I feel like it’s just impossible not to answer. I bet these guys have a higher conversion rate for answering the welcome email than any other service

Afterward, I certainly wondered who those guys that make such a great thing are. And guess what? There are only two of them on the team!

And that’ s when I remembered somebody was telling me about the cool thing from YC last batch. I still thought about finding it. And they’ ve been lying in my messages the whole time.

Necessary service means you’ re willing to pay your last money for a subscription even a trial still available

Guys, you did a great job in three months. Thank you for your hard work!